Our Pest Facility Management will be led by an Entomologist who has more than 15 years of working experience.

Pre Construction

During pre construction, our project team will assist the developer/architect/property project management team to set necessary standards and specifications for the building. Our coverage will be as listed below: -

1) Understand origin of the land and conduct pest risk assessment. 

2) Setting up specifications of the materials from pest perspective.

3) Plan the work flow of the project management.

4) Recommending gadgets to be integrated with the building design.

5) Identify type of chemical and dilution rates to be applied at the site.

Post Construction


For post construction stage, our team will assist our stakeholder to convert to a programme management work scope which involves: 

1) Setting up standards and specifications for Pest Facility Management.

2) Quality Assurance which will be carried out by a competent third party Pest Inspection Body.

3) Certified Pest Control Company on a monthly routine treatment management. 


IPM Professional is an accredited programme by Institute of Quality Malaysia (IQM). IPM Professional programme can only be conducted by a Certified Pest Control Company and all the investigation, inspection and verification work has to be carried out by an independent Pest Inspection Body.

We are collaborating with BI Guidance Sdn Bhd who is a Pest Inspection Body and pioneer in the industry to conduct inspection, verification and auditing work scopes for the project.

Any pest control companies who would like to be on our panel has to go through stringent audit based on accredited programme standard of requirements. They have to score a minimum point of 70 to be a panel in our board.



We unite training and consulting companies for a better approach in penetrating the corporate world. We assist our clients to customise and conduct training classes for Corporate Academy. We cover: -

1) Integrated Pest Management

2) Food and Beverage

3) Green Building


Our Project Management on ISO Certification & Consulting is to assist our clients to manage the entire project from sourcing reliable ISO consultants and certification body. 

We will assist our clients to manage the entire project by working closely with in house Quality Management Representative (QMR), Consultant and coordination with appointed Certification Body. 

We ensure the entire team to provide the necessary resources for a functioning quality management system (QMS), and ensuring QMS effectiveness and efficiency.


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