Pest Facility Solutions Design

Our project team will assist the Interior Architect/Interior Designer to contribute on the ideas during the design stage. Our scopes of coverage as listed below: -

1) Conduct pest environment analysis and risk assessment. 

2) Identify specifications of the materials from pest perspective.

3) Plan the work flow of the project management.

4) Recommending gadgets to be integrated in the building.

5) Identify type of chemicals and dilution rates to be applied at the site.

Pest Analysis Renovation Inspection


Renovation defect of a building from pest perspective is important. This exercise will be carried out before the contractor handing over the property to the owner. Our team will be conducting an inspection which is relevant to mosquitoes, rodents, flies, cockroaches and termites infestation and etc. 

IPM Professional

IPM Professional is a recognised programme by Institute of Quality Malaysia (IQM). IPM Professional programme can only be conducted by a Qualified Pest Control Company and all the investigation, inspection and verification work has to be carried out by an independent Pest Inspection Body.

We are collaborating with BI Guidance Sdn Bhd who is a Pest Inspection Body and pioneer in the industry to conduct inspection, verification and auditing work scopes for the project.

Any pest control companies who would like to be on our panel has to go through stringent audit based on the programme standard of requirements. They have to score a minimum point of 70 to be a panel in our board.


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