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Image by Illia Cholin

Our Pest & Microbial Building Design will be led by an Entomologist who has more than 18 years of working experience.

Pest & Microbial Structural Construction Design

During pre construction, our project team will assist the developer and architect to conduct pest & microbial analysis construction design of the building. Our scopes of coverage as listed below: -

1) Understand origin of the land and conduct pest & microbial environment analysis and risk assessment. 

2) Identify specifications of the materials from pest & microbial perspective.

3) Plan the work flow of the project management.

4) Recommending gadgets to be integrated in the building.

5) Identify type of chemicals and dilution rates to be applied at the site.

Pest & Microbial Analysis Construction Inspection


Construction defect of a building from pest perspective is important. This exercise will be carried out before the contractor handing over the property to the owner. Our team will be conducting an inspection which is relevant to mosquitoes, rodents, flies, cockroaches, termites infestation and pathogens infection.

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