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Managing Work Relationships In The New Normal

It has been about a year since the first day Malaysia government first announced the Movement Control Order (MCO) for the entire nation. Everyone was in a panic situation in managing their daily life and trying to balance themselves physically and mentally between their personal and career life. From just a multi-tasking dining table at home to a small corner of homely working station; and that is the start of our new normal life which is called Working from Home (WFH).

Before the pandemic, everyone of us was comparing the working style of the millennial generation with X, Y or Z generations. But no one really expects that there will be a swift change on how we work daily through pandemic. Regardless which generation you belong to but the new normal has made everyone put away their 9 to 5 working hours in the office to a flexible working hour at any corner of your home. It is no longer like a traditional way which your superior must be eyeing on the physical present of his employee but in fact, the superior has to weigh his subordinate’s performance through the progress of the workload. What lies at the center of this new working arrangement is trust.

Communication is ultimately important in every organization. We need to have good communication with our superiors, subordinates and most importantly with our customers. When MCO has been taken effectively, everyone must stay at home and yet as the leader in the organization, we are responsible to move the chores forward and not by leaving it behind. By now, everyone has been trained to use a third-party platform such as Google Meet, Zoom etc. in order not to break the chain of our daily communications.

In this new normal, the digital world has captured the attention of everyone. From a traditional marketing strategy, the company has explored reaching out to digital and social media marketing. Every employer is striving their very best to ensure the cycle of their business transaction was not interrupted by the pandemic and investment on digital marketing has been a need to the organization.

There are a lot of companies who have explored ways on how to digitize their entire sales department before the second or third waves. This has trained us to be more alert and well-prepared before the next wave. In every organization, the sales department is our front line in bringing the revenue to the company. As the employer of the company, we shall ensure the sales team is always equipped well in order to assist them to perform further.

The Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) has allowed our economy to continue by allowing the citizens to be back to work with conditional terms. A lot of guidelines and SOP have been developed by the government and everyone must adapt to the new normal guidelines. Putting on our masks, practicing on social distancing and sanitizing our hands at every hour is no longer a hassle to us but a new normal to be adapted in our daily life.


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